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You are a chee ko pek, a dirty old man who haunts KTV dive bars, living on cheap beer and borrowed time. 

Only your usual lounge isn’t what it used to be. Instead of alluring escorts and pervy patrons, eldritch abominations stalk the neon stage.

You run, but the lounge you knew has become a mockery of time and space, a tangled web where the horror that has followed you your whole life awaits.

The horror you know by the two words that damned you. 

"Yes And..."



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Arrow KeysSpace BarF5 KeyEscape Key

HINT: Save early and often... or you won't live to regret it.  



Chee Ko Pek Lounge is an interactive fiction adventure game for Windows that a pair of improv comedians made the year live improv performances were outlawed due to Covid-19. It’s an anxiety attack in the form of an old school JRPG game, inspired by the sum of our worst fears about ourselves growing old after spending our best years performing improv in dive bars. 


Chee Ko Pek Lounge was developed by enTown. Our team is always dreaming up bigger, badder projects. Any profits from this game will go right towards upping the ante on future games and experiences. 

“Shh, no tears… only dreams,” - En Hua, eternal mayor of enTown. 


  1. Unzip CKP Lounge.zip
  2. Look for game.exe and click on it
  3. Enjoy!
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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GenreAdventure, Interactive Fiction
Made withRPG Maker
TagsAction-Adventure, Comedy, Horror, improv, Pixel Art, Retro, RPG Maker, Short, singapore
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Great style, is awesome what can be done in the RPG genre.
Is there any place where we can contact you?

Terrifying and hilarious. The best combo!


Wait wait, who said horror can't be hilarious? Right, nobody. That's the magic of this game - diving not only into your psyche but also digging deep into your funny bone, it's a wonderful mix of mystery, horror and humor all at once.

P.S - if you wanna see more of the game, I was lucky enough to get to chat with the creators themselves right before I played it on my Twitch livestream! Check out the chat with them and the gameplay after here at twitch.tv/amanlearns for clips, or the video linked below:


WHAT THE HELL!!! This was honestly pretty trippy and fun. Great writing, thoughtful sound design, and beautifully illustrated scenes that paint a sordid picture of Singapore's underbelly: dodgy KTV lounges and how one ends up as a regular customer of "chickens" that service them. 10/10 would recommend. Gameplay duration: 2+ hours.



This is... perhaps one of the weirdest horror game I've played. It's borderline psychological horror. The nightmares the protagonist have is hovering between reality and his imagination... a unique experience! 


That game damn siao one!! Loved the atmosphere and story!


did not expect to develop irrational fear of chickens. 10/10 would experience crippling regret again. remember to hit Esc to save often


Like Pokemon for the damned - except in this game, the eldritch horror chickens catch you. Love the easter eggs, sly throwback to retro games, and satisfyingly f**ked narrative. 5/5 be sure to save often and let's see if you can find the secret ending


This game managed to simultaneously make me laugh uncontrollably while also scaring me halfway to hell. As an added bonus, I'm a freaking NPC. 5/5 will piak piak again!


Managed to get a demo version to play with. The amount of love for this game is exceptional! The art is sick, the writing is hilarious, worth

exchanging your bubble tea with this game!


Amazing game that filled me with existential dread... and laughter!